Thursday, August 30, 2007


Celebrating 50 years of independence
August 31, 1957 - present

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Harry Potter

I am so fascinated with Harry Potter that I am now on my second round of reading the whole series again. I am now in the middle of the 4th book, "Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire". Jim is getting a little frustrated with me coz I would get so engrossed with the books that sometimes I am oblivious to my surroundings. I would lose track of time that before I know it, it's already 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning...and I usually have to be at work by 7:00am! Lack of sleep definitely hasn't stop me from enjoying the books tho...

Since I have all 7 books, I think now I just might collect the DVDs too. Whenever they show one of the first 3 movies on tv, I never miss it....Man, I think I'm getting obsessed!!!!

Are You Too Clingy? by David Zinczenko

A guy in a good relationship is, for the most part, a pretty happy guy - and most of us know how lucky we are.
In fact, 75 percent of men would grade their current relationship as an A or a B, according to a poll of more than 2,000 men for my book, "Men, Love & Sex." But there are three main sins that can turn a man from happy to "hey-where's-the-door" in no time.

Lying is the first one, and unless you're lying to yourself, as well, you know how not to do it. Nagging is the second, and you'll know you're doing it when the words you say are immediately followed by the thought, "I sound just like my mother!"

But the third deadly sin is harder to spot in one's self, because it often looks and feels just like love. I'm talking about clinginess. Men are hard to decipher on this point, because they value in women both vulnerability (they want to be your hero) and independence (they want to be left alone once in a while). He wants you close; he doesn't want you on him like a freshly dried sock. Here are some signs that your relationship Velcro is about to endure a loud ripping noise.

Needy Sign 1: Your Over-Under on Daily Phone Calls is Two*
Fine, you need to check in once during the day to see if you're set for dinner, and then once again later in the day just to fill him in on what happened to your boss/friend/grandmom, or just to say hello.

You make more calls than that? The unspoken message is that maybe you don't trust him, or don't have enough to do yourself, or are relying too much on him for everyday satisfaction. All are turn-offs-and, in all likelihood, grounds for tuning out. * Three, if you have kids.

Needy Sign 2: You Insist on a Joint E-mail Account
Oh, how nice it is when "Bob and Karen@yahoo" can e-mail "Joe and Linda@yahoo" to set up the night at the Italian place on the 20th. Not really.

While there's no problem with joint bank accounts, joint car loans, and joint mortgages, there's a not so subtle message that's sent to guys when their Internet activity is being monitored like it's under the eyes of a 24-hour surveillance camera: That you don't trust him a lick.

There's certainly some dangerous ground online (and I can't deny that plenty of men abuse their electronic privacy), but tightening the cyber-noose too much in the beginning of a relationship can send the signal to a man that he's not going to have an iota of privacy anytime or anywhere.

Needy Sign 3: You Update Him on the Latest Celebrity Gossip
Granted, a lot of men don't like to talk. And granted, a lot of men could be more talkative, better listeners, and more of an emotional sounding board for their partners. But some men are like cars - they have only so much emotional and conversational fuel before they run out of gas.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with banter about such inane stuff as Britney, Lindsay, or who's dating whom, but do that too often with a guy, and he may wonder if there's something wrong with your other social networks - which would make him think that he's going to be obligated to carry more of the social weight than he's ready to handle. Needy Sign 4: You Don't Have Your Own Poker NightGet this: 64 percent of men say they're happy to have time to themselves when their girlfriends have plans. A lot of men want their ladies to go out and do stuff on their own, whether it's through hobbies or socializing or working.

One, that away-from-each-other time ensures that women have their own independent outlets. And two, it gives men a chance to have their own testosterone release. If this doesn't happen - at least occasionally - resentment and frustration can build, because the unspoken message is that you may not have enough of your own independence to respect his.Know a few other needy signs? Share them here. And guys: Lest you think you're off the hook, here are 10
ways that women are judging you.
Read ‘em and heed ‘em.


I finished watching this movie at 5am this morning. Mark Ruffalo (Just Like Heaven), Robert Downey Jr. (Good Night and Good Luck) & Jake Gyllenhaal (Brokeback Mountain) starred in it along with several other famous actors. I do like the movie tho it did run for about 2 hours and 40 minutes.

It is based on the book by Robert Graysmith (Gyllenhaal) about the serial killer Zodiac who claimed several lives in and around the San Francisco area in the late 60's and early 70's. The movie is pretty good but you have to pay attention to clues throughout the movie. I actually saw the movie last night but re-watched it this morning to catch the clues...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Jim & I rented this DVD over the weekend. Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal) and, Ryan Gosling (The Notebook) starred in it. The movie was pretty good. Anthony Hopkins played a husband who was accused of killing his cheating wife and Ryan Gosling was the ADA who is prosecuting him. They play this cat & mouse game where Gosling, though in his heart knows that Hopkins is guilty but he's having trouble trying to prove it. Watch it if you can.

Rose is Rose - Aug 16, '07

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007

4 years ago.....

4 years ago today at about 3:30 am Malaysia time, I lost someone whom I love very much, my mom, Raja Hjh Hairul Nisha bt. Raja Hj Hussein. She passed away after battling breast cancer for about 2 years which in the end had spread to her colon, bones and brain. She was diagnosed with the illness in 2001. After her surgery and rounds of chemotherapy, she was in remiscion for about a year. Then, in late 2002 we got the devastating news that she had a relapse.

I was able to go back to Malaysia with Jim for her 56th birthday (her last) in December '02 and also during my sister, Deen's wedding, in March '03. Late July '03 I received the devastating call from my dad saying that her cancer had spread to her bones and brain and she would not have much time left. I frantically tried to book my flight home with Malaysia Airlines and since it was the summer holidays, their flight were fully booked so they put me on a waiting list. Not 30 minutes after I spoke with MAS, I had just gotten of the phone with various other airlines to see if I could get a ticket (they were either fully booked or the price was so outrageous that I could buy a brand new car with it), MAS called me back and said that someone had just cancelled their ticket so they have one ready for me. Anyways, I left for Malaysia on Aug 6th and arrived at KLIA on the afternoon of August 8th. Went straight to my parents house to see my mom.

She looked so much different from the last time I saw her 5 months earlier. She was so thin and frail that I almost did not recognize her. She was able to recognize me and she seemed happy to see me there. All her family was there and it seemed like (to me anyways) she was a little better than when I first saw her that afternoon. Alas, by night fall she had gotten worse that we took her to the emergency room and was admitted at Damansara Specialist. I stayed with her all night (I was still in the clothes I had on the airplane). Our family was in and out of her room all day, taking turns to stay with her. That night my dad, aunt (Wan Chik - mom's youngest sister), their maid and myself took turn staying up with her. I woke up at 3 am for my turn. Mummy was asleep so I read the Surah Yassin as I kept an eye on the heart & pulse monitor by the bed. At about 3:20 am I felt her gently squeezed my hand, took a very deep breathe (the lines on the heart & pulse monitor went up) and then she was gone (the lines went all the way down and never came back). It took me a couple of seconds to realized what had just happened but as soon as I came back to reality, I started screaming for my dad and aunt to wake up. After that everything was a blur, I was walking around like a zombie that I don't know how I even managed to drive. Everything was on "auto-pilot" from then on...

My mom's last wish was for her to be buried among her family in her hometown of Kuala Kangsar, Perak. So after all the legalities were done and the "kapan" was done at my parents house in KL, we drove her to KK. Everything was done by about 5pm that day....

She was an awesome woman, loved by all her family & friends. I missed her very much and tho we have had our differences, I truly love her. I am just glad that she's not suffering anymore.

Mummy, I love you & miss you lots. Alfatihah...

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Jim & I saw the movie "Sicko" by Michael Moore last night. It was a documentary about the health system in the US compared to other countries in the world. I love watching his movies/documentaries coz it makes you think. Anyways, if you have a chance, go watch it...

Harry Potter & the Deadly Hollows

I finally finished reading "Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows" at 3am this morning. For the last 4 days I could not put that book down. I've never had so much fun reading a fictional book ever since I read "Lord of the Rings" by Tolkien so many years ago when I was in high school.

I have to admit that this is the only book I've read of the Harry Potter series. I've always just wait for the movie to come out. Haven't had a chance to see the 5th movie yet, "Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix" but I am sure I will love it just like I love the first 4 movies. Reading "Deadly Hollows" makes me want to read the first 6 books. It is one of a few books that while reading it, I would sink into the imaginary world of Harry Potter. I feel like I was actually there seeing all their adventure unfold in front of me. I was so into my imaginary world that Jim (my hubby) said I was totally oblivious to my surrounding. I had this total concentration on my face as I turn page after page of that book.

Anyways, I am thinking of ordering the hardcover set, book 1 - 6 on The set doesn't go on sale until October 1st and I am not sure if I want to wait that long to read it. Since I've already seen the first 4 movies and most likely will see the 5th, I might just buy the "Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince" so as to keep my "thirsty" mind from wondering too far.....

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It Finally Happened....

Alas, what I have been waiting for the last few months finally happened. Remember a few blogs ago I wrote about changes happening at work? It finally happened yesterday. Everything is signed, t's are crossed, i's are dotted and the ink is dry. Dr. K now owns 100% of the dental practice. Dr. S and Mr. A are no longer part of the dental ownership.... Starting next week I will be working from home for Dr. K doing the books and all the stuff I normally do. It will be interesting to see how that goes. I am looking forward to working from home coz I get to see my 3 boys more..he he he.

Anyways, even though Dr. S and Mr. A are no longer partners with Dr. K on the dental practice, I will still work for them on the dental software side along with Mr. V. In fact, Dr. S wants me to start working for him for his own dental practice. So, now I will have 3 part time jobs instead of a full time and a part time and I still have the same 4 bosses as I did before.

I am excited about the new arrangement. I just hope that I will be able to handle juggling 3 different companies all at once... Oh well, here's to a new beginning....