Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I was, technically, supposed to be on vacation last week but I really wasn't. First of all, it was more of a "stay-cation" since we didn't go anywhere. This is what I did all week...

Sat (Aug 1): My vacation officially started at 2:15pm after I was done at the bank. Had planned on going grocery shopping but since I left my wallet (driver's license and all) at home, the plan was scrapped. Once, I was home, I didn't feel like going back out, especially in the hot sun (temperature was about 109F, that's about 43C!)

Sun (Aug 2): Did grocery shopping in the morning before it started to get too hot. Cleaned the house a little then hung out with my 3 boys.

Mon (Aug 3): Only the hygiene side of the dental office was open today. Since Doc was not in, I didn't go into work (my part time job). No point for me to go in since I needed the Doc to sign checks and such...

Tue (Aug 4): Doc was back in the office so I went to work for about 6 hours (6am-12pm). Got the bills paid and worked out the numbers for our monthly staff meeting on Thursday. Had lunch with Leanna, (who was in town from Flagstaff), Anjie & Christina at Steve's Krazy Sub. Stopped at Walmart to get some groceries that I forgot to get on Sunday. Hung out around the house with my 3 boys.

Wed (Aug 5): Cleaned out the bathroom & kitchen. Vacuumed the house then hung out with my boys. Sammy & Tiger started to get curious that I'm home so they kept following me around the house.

Thu (Aug 6): Went into work at 6am. Finished the numbers for Doc for the staff meeting and left work at 10am since Jim had someone from the Dept of Public Security (or something like that) coming to our house to evaluate his capabilities to go back to work. They had called earlier in the week to confirm the 11am appointment. They also mentioned that the lady who was coming has severe cat allegies so if we have any cats to put them in a room while she was there. To make sure that Tiger didn't run and hide when the door bell rings, I took him and Sammy into our computer room at about 10:30am. I hung out with them in the computer room while Jim waited for the lady to show up. 11am came and went...so did 12pm then 1pm came around. The lady didn't show up!!! She didn't even bother to call us. Jim called his case worker to find out what happened, she said she'll try to find out and call us back but I think she never did. Typical!!!

Fri (Aug 7): Worked at the bank from 7:45am-4:45pm. It was Christina's last day before moving to Texas. We've known each other, even before the bank. Both were hired, within days of each other, at Dillard's in '00. Then we both were hired at the bank in '01. Said my goodbyes to her and hopefully we will keep in touch.

Sat (Aug 8): Jim went over to Hollywood Videos and rented "Doubt" & "The Wrestler". Watched "Doubt" and hung out with my boys.

Sun (Aug 9): Went over to my sister-in-law's in the afternoon with Jim. Hung out with them and did karaoke. Sat around listening to the rest of the family singing. I normally don't sing but Jim convinced me to do a duet with him of the song "Picture" by Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow.

Mon (Aug 10): 6 yrs since my mom passed away. Went to my doctor's appointment at 7:15am then to work at the dental office from 8am-9:30am. Hung around at home for a little bit then went to lunch with Melissa & Aubree at Cici's while Jim was at his doctor's appointment. Spent the rest of the day with my boys, watched "The Wrestler"

Tue (Aug 11): Back at work at the bank....

And that was how I spent my "stay-cation".