Monday, February 16, 2009

"Vicky Cristina Barcelona" & "Towelhead"

We rented these two movies yesterday, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" & "Towelhead". We watched 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona" yesterday. It was a movie written & directed by Woody Allen and we thought it was pretty good. Rebecca Hall ("The Prestige") and Scarlett Johansson ("The Horse Whisperer", "Match Point") were 2 American tourists (best friends), Vicky & Cristina, who were spending a couple of months at Vicky's aunt & uncle's house in Barcelona. While attending an art gallery party, they met and fell for a painter, Juan Antonio Gonzalo (Javier Bardem, "No Country for Old Man") unaware that his ex-wife, Maria Elena (Penelope Cruz, "Blow") with whom he had a tempestuous relationship would re-entry his life.

The movie was really good. All 4 actors was good in it especially Penelope Cruz. I was not surprised that she was nominated for an Oscar for this role. Watch it if you can.

We watched "Towelhead" earlier today. It was an independent movie so it might be a little hard to get. It also goes with a different title "Nothing is Private" in other countries. It is about a 13 year old Arab-American girl, Jasira (Summer Bishil) dealing with her sexual obsession, a bigoted Army reservist neighbor (Aaron Eckhart, "Thank You for Smoking", "Batman: Dark Knight"), strict dad (Peter MacDissi, "Three Kings") and racism.

The movie was exceptionally made. Towelhead, being a slur against people of the Middle Eastern descent is an explosive word. Summer Bishil who played the 13 yr old girl was really good in it. There are a lot of nudity and slur in the movie so please do not let any youngsters watch the movie. I do highly recommend this movie!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trouble Maker

The first Thursday of every month, Dr K has our staff meeting during our lunch hour. So, during my lunch hour at the bank today I had to run over to the dental office so that I can attend their staff meeting. For those of you who haven't been following my blogs, I work part time (Financial Controller/HR) at the dental office and full time (Senior Teller) at the bank. I missed last month's meeting since I had to cover the floor at the bank coz we were short on staff. I made sure I could attend today's meeting because I had some beef to clear up with my colleagues.

I was really upset with an incident that happened on Thursday last week. Thursdays are usually my long work day since I will be at the dental office from 6:00am - 8:45am then I will be at the bank from 9:00am - 6:00pm so I was a little cranky to begin with. One of our part time Hygienist (lets call her "L") was on vacation so we had a temp came over to help cover her shift. It was just before 8:00am so I was well into my work when the temp Hygienist (we call her "C") knocked on my office door wanting to talk to me. "C" had temped for us several times before and I like working with her. Of course I welcomed her into my office and told her to take a seat. And is what transpired....

C: "Someone just told me that L is upset because I make more than she does."
Me: "Who told you that?"
C: "I don't want to name names but I feel bad that L is upset about it. I don't want her to be upset because I like working here and I don't want her not want me to cover for her when she needs time off."
Me: "Please don't worry, I will deal with this today."

I walked up to the front desk. "A", our other part time hygienist and "M", our office manager was there.

Me: "Did either one of you tell C that L is upset because she's making more than her?"
A: "I don't even know what L is making, and of course C makes more because her rate is set by the temp agency and she has more experience." "A" used to temp so she knows how the temp agency set the rate and what she said was true.
M: "I wouldn't say anything like that since we are not suppose to discuss our pay with anyone but you (that would be me) or Dr K."

While I was talking with "A" & "M", one of our dental assistants, "S" came up to the front desk so I asked her the same question I asked "A" & "M". I immediately knew it was her coz I could see the little wheel turning in her head trying to decide whether to tell me the truth or not. She finally acknowledged that she was the one who told "C" what "L" had said.

Me: "What did "L" said to you?"
S: "She just came up to me 2 days ago in the sterilization room and said that C is making more than her and she seemed very upset by it. I also told her that I don't want to know about it because it is none of my business." The 2nd sentence I know is not true just because I know how she is.
Me: "Thank you for letting L know that she shouldn't be talking to you about her pay but why did you tell C what L had said to you? What is the purpose of that conversation?"

"S" was a little taken aback when I said that to her. She finally apologize for repeating what L had said to her to C. I went back to C and told her that I spoke with S about what happened. I apologize to her on behalf of our office and told her not to feel bad because we all do like working with her and wants her to come back...

So, in the staff meeting today, I let everyone have it. I was so pissed off because they should know better. For one thing, they were all given the policy manual when they were hired and they signed the back of the manual stating that they have read and understood the manual. Even if it was not in the policy manual, it is common sense that you don't discuss your pay with your colleagues!!!

The other thing that got me so po'ed was that "S" told "C" what "L" had said to her. What good does that do? It will just create animosity in the office. But then at the same time, I was not surprise that she did that because she's just that kind of person who like to see people get upset with each other. There are just times when I feel like knocking on her head and see if there is any brain in there......

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Catcher in the Rye - JD Salinger

I just finished reading "The Catcher in the Rye" by JD Salinger. I've always wanted to read the book but haven't had the chance until recently. I always hear that serial killers like that book and if you check it out of the library or buy it, then the FBI will trace you. I know it must be a myth coz then all school kids will be traced since they read it in English literature class ;-)

Anyways, I was at Walmart doing my grocery shopping about 2 weeks ago and saw that the book was on sale for US$4.97 so I bought it. The book was about this high school student named Holden Cauldfield who was kicked out of his broading school. It was written in the first person and Holden was telling us what happened to him the next few days after he left the school.

The book is considered by many as one of the best novel ever written. I think the book was good but it gets a little too rambly for me. The author, JD Salinger, never wrote another novel after this and maybe it's a good thing....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Birthdays

Here are my family & friends celebrating their birthdays & special events in February:

James W Pergo - February 1
Antoinette Pergo - February 5
Raja Zaharira Raja Hj Hussein - February 7
Raja Lyon Ariff Raja Jalil - February 8
Frank Cattelino - February 23
Raja Lyon Ariff & Tengku Aisyarah's 9th anniversary - February 28