Monday, December 14, 2009

Klutzy Me...

A funny thing happened to me on Thanksgiving eve about 2 weeks ago. I can say it's funny coz it was funny now that I think back to it, but it wasn't funny at all when it happened.

Every Wednesdays, at the branch I used to be at (I have seen tranferred to a different branch the week after this incident happened), I can be found managing the drive thru counter at the bank I work at. The drive thru is normally quite cold that it was dupped "the Igloo". So on this particular cool Wednesday, I was dressed for usually blue bank buttoned down shirt and black pants but instead of the dress shoes I normally wear, I put on thick socks and a "clunky" pair of what I call "Manshoes" so that my feet won't freeze in the Igloo.

I was working open to close like any other day and at about half an hour before we closed, I did a pre-balance of my drawer and found that I was short by exactly US$30. Well, I freaked out a little since I do not like to be off (of course, neither does the bank), so I recounted my drawers to make sure that I didn't missed anything. I had about US$450 worth of rolled coins (I was the back up merchant teller) in a coin bag as well as in a box which were both on the bottom drawer. If any of you had ever carried rolled coins before, you can imagine how heavy $450 worth of coin weight. I pulled those out to recount them, found that the amount was correct and since we were about to close, left them on the floor to recount my top 2 drawers. After counting the top drawer I was still short US$30 so I decided to go around the corner to ask someone to check my calculations. I was sitting on a stool while I was doing the counting and as I turned around to my left, my right foot slammed into the bag & box of coins on the floor. I had totally forgotten that they were on the floor! I was falling towards the wall so I put my left foot forward to try and break my fall and guess what I did? I slammed my left foot into the wall! So now I don't know which foot to hop on since they both were hurting.

You should see the look on my face! I almost broke my neck tripping over some rolled coins. When I looked down, that bag and box was exactly where I left it...It did not even budge!!! After a few multi-lingual choiced words, I limped around the corner to the teller line for help.

As I drove home that night, I could feel my toes throbbing like crazy so I know that they were swollen. I tried wiggling them to make sure that they are not broken..they are not (thank goodness!). When I took off the shoes at home, the 2 big toes were swollen, throbbing and numb at the same time. I soaked them in warm water and on Thanksgiving day they were still throbbing and red. The bruise didn't show up until the 3rd day...I woke up on Friday with my 2 big toes BLACK!!!

Anyways, the pic above was taken just now. The bruises have subsided a little tho the nails are still black. I am just glad that they weren't broken.... I don't know why but I've become more clumsy lately...