Monday, July 27, 2009

Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince

July 15, 2009... a date I've been waiting for for a long time. Before July 15, 2009, the date I waited for was November 21, 2008. I waited for that date for almost a year when they decided to postpond it to July 15, 2009. So, I waited, and waited and waited...for July 15, 2009. A few weeks before that date, there were rumblings. I saw trailers for it on tv, ads in the magazine, people being interviewed. I was so excited for this date to come coz I waited for it for almost 2 years! To keep me occupied, I reread the books gazillion times that I can repeat it word for word. I did quizzes and trivias about it online. I've become pretty good at it that I am ranked 1712 out of 324671 on Facebook (I'm still trying to get to that #1 spot but the current holder has about a million points ahead of me..he he he). The anticipation was getting a little overwhelming, I drove Jim nuts!

It finally happened! Wednesday, July 15 finally came....and went. I wanted to be first in line for the midnight premier but alas, I had to work. Maybe it was a good thing that I didn't go that first few days coz the theater was packed! The movie racked in US$30.4 million on its first day. Can you imagine that? I can! But still I haven't gone to see it...I was still waiting...For what? I don' know...

Finally today, Monday, July 27, 2009...12 days after it premiered, I went to see "Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince". I got done with work at the dental office at 10am. Since Jim has an appointment at 11am that he didn't need me to go with him, I went online to see what time the movie starts at the theater near my work. There was one starting at 10:40am so I quickly locked up my desk and drove over to the theater. There was a few people in line in front of me but all of them were getting tickets for the movie "G Force" which opened last Friday. I asked the clerk if the theater is full and he said it's almost empty.

After I got my popcorn and soda, I walked over to theather #18 (there are a total of 24). There was only 2 other people in there and 2 others came in after me! I was so happy coz now I get to enjoy the movie without the distractions by other viewers, especially those pesky little kids he he he.

The movie was pretty good tho the book is obviously a lot better. I really like it but I have to say that I am bias when it comes to Harry Potter. Of course they have to cut out some parts of the movie. I had hoped that they will include Ron's eldest brother Bill in this movie coz his character in the book is quite interesting but alas, they didn't. I also thought that they could have made the scene of Dumblebore's death/funeral a little bit more intense coz that is the point that Harry realized he has to face Voldemort in the end and that he might die in the process.

Anyways, watch the movie if you can....