Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Tires

Wow, it's been a long time since I wrote anything on here, lots of things has happened since. Anyways, my Toyota Yaris was in dire need of new tires so since I was off from work today, we decided to take it into Discount Tires to get new ones. We decided to get all 4 new ones since they are getting pretty bald.

Because we weren't sure how long it will take to get the tires replaced, Jim drove his car to the shop as well so that we can go home if I have to leave my car there for the day. We got there soon after the store opened and the salesperson came out to greet us. I gave him my spare keys (which has both the Toyota & Chevy keys on it). As we were at the counter filling out our "paperwork" on the computer, one of the mechanics came out and took the keys so that he can drive the car into the workshop. The salesperson told us that it will only take about 15 - 20 minutes to change the tires so of course we decided that we will just wait.

We sat in one of their comfy chairs (with their backs) along the glass wall where you can see them working on the cars. After a few minutes of chatting with Jim, I turned to watch the mechanics work. There were 4 spots in the workshop and the spot nearest to us was a blue Chevy being worked on and in the 3 spot was a white truck. I stood up to see if the 4th spot was where they were working on my silver Toyota. I got a little confused since the 2nd & 4th spots were empty so I looked into the parking lot to see where my Toyota went. Guess what? They were working on our car except it was the Chevy instead of the Toyota!!!

We flagged one of the mechanics and told them that they are changing the tires on the wrong car!. Luckily, they've just taken all 4 tires off the car and hasn't taken them off the wheels yet. So, we waited for another 10 minutes for them to put the tires back onto the Chevy and put the new ones onto the Toyota...Phew, luck I turned to look coz we just got 2 new tires on the Chevy about a couple of months ago! ;-)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Klutzy Me...

A funny thing happened to me on Thanksgiving eve about 2 weeks ago. I can say it's funny coz it was funny now that I think back to it, but it wasn't funny at all when it happened.

Every Wednesdays, at the branch I used to be at (I have seen tranferred to a different branch the week after this incident happened), I can be found managing the drive thru counter at the bank I work at. The drive thru is normally quite cold that it was dupped "the Igloo". So on this particular cool Wednesday, I was dressed for usually blue bank buttoned down shirt and black pants but instead of the dress shoes I normally wear, I put on thick socks and a "clunky" pair of what I call "Manshoes" so that my feet won't freeze in the Igloo.

I was working open to close like any other day and at about half an hour before we closed, I did a pre-balance of my drawer and found that I was short by exactly US$30. Well, I freaked out a little since I do not like to be off (of course, neither does the bank), so I recounted my drawers to make sure that I didn't missed anything. I had about US$450 worth of rolled coins (I was the back up merchant teller) in a coin bag as well as in a box which were both on the bottom drawer. If any of you had ever carried rolled coins before, you can imagine how heavy $450 worth of coin weight. I pulled those out to recount them, found that the amount was correct and since we were about to close, left them on the floor to recount my top 2 drawers. After counting the top drawer I was still short US$30 so I decided to go around the corner to ask someone to check my calculations. I was sitting on a stool while I was doing the counting and as I turned around to my left, my right foot slammed into the bag & box of coins on the floor. I had totally forgotten that they were on the floor! I was falling towards the wall so I put my left foot forward to try and break my fall and guess what I did? I slammed my left foot into the wall! So now I don't know which foot to hop on since they both were hurting.

You should see the look on my face! I almost broke my neck tripping over some rolled coins. When I looked down, that bag and box was exactly where I left it...It did not even budge!!! After a few multi-lingual choiced words, I limped around the corner to the teller line for help.

As I drove home that night, I could feel my toes throbbing like crazy so I know that they were swollen. I tried wiggling them to make sure that they are not broken..they are not (thank goodness!). When I took off the shoes at home, the 2 big toes were swollen, throbbing and numb at the same time. I soaked them in warm water and on Thanksgiving day they were still throbbing and red. The bruise didn't show up until the 3rd day...I woke up on Friday with my 2 big toes BLACK!!!

Anyways, the pic above was taken just now. The bruises have subsided a little tho the nails are still black. I am just glad that they weren't broken.... I don't know why but I've become more clumsy lately...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I was, technically, supposed to be on vacation last week but I really wasn't. First of all, it was more of a "stay-cation" since we didn't go anywhere. This is what I did all week...

Sat (Aug 1): My vacation officially started at 2:15pm after I was done at the bank. Had planned on going grocery shopping but since I left my wallet (driver's license and all) at home, the plan was scrapped. Once, I was home, I didn't feel like going back out, especially in the hot sun (temperature was about 109F, that's about 43C!)

Sun (Aug 2): Did grocery shopping in the morning before it started to get too hot. Cleaned the house a little then hung out with my 3 boys.

Mon (Aug 3): Only the hygiene side of the dental office was open today. Since Doc was not in, I didn't go into work (my part time job). No point for me to go in since I needed the Doc to sign checks and such...

Tue (Aug 4): Doc was back in the office so I went to work for about 6 hours (6am-12pm). Got the bills paid and worked out the numbers for our monthly staff meeting on Thursday. Had lunch with Leanna, (who was in town from Flagstaff), Anjie & Christina at Steve's Krazy Sub. Stopped at Walmart to get some groceries that I forgot to get on Sunday. Hung out around the house with my 3 boys.

Wed (Aug 5): Cleaned out the bathroom & kitchen. Vacuumed the house then hung out with my boys. Sammy & Tiger started to get curious that I'm home so they kept following me around the house.

Thu (Aug 6): Went into work at 6am. Finished the numbers for Doc for the staff meeting and left work at 10am since Jim had someone from the Dept of Public Security (or something like that) coming to our house to evaluate his capabilities to go back to work. They had called earlier in the week to confirm the 11am appointment. They also mentioned that the lady who was coming has severe cat allegies so if we have any cats to put them in a room while she was there. To make sure that Tiger didn't run and hide when the door bell rings, I took him and Sammy into our computer room at about 10:30am. I hung out with them in the computer room while Jim waited for the lady to show up. 11am came and did 12pm then 1pm came around. The lady didn't show up!!! She didn't even bother to call us. Jim called his case worker to find out what happened, she said she'll try to find out and call us back but I think she never did. Typical!!!

Fri (Aug 7): Worked at the bank from 7:45am-4:45pm. It was Christina's last day before moving to Texas. We've known each other, even before the bank. Both were hired, within days of each other, at Dillard's in '00. Then we both were hired at the bank in '01. Said my goodbyes to her and hopefully we will keep in touch.

Sat (Aug 8): Jim went over to Hollywood Videos and rented "Doubt" & "The Wrestler". Watched "Doubt" and hung out with my boys.

Sun (Aug 9): Went over to my sister-in-law's in the afternoon with Jim. Hung out with them and did karaoke. Sat around listening to the rest of the family singing. I normally don't sing but Jim convinced me to do a duet with him of the song "Picture" by Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow.

Mon (Aug 10): 6 yrs since my mom passed away. Went to my doctor's appointment at 7:15am then to work at the dental office from 8am-9:30am. Hung around at home for a little bit then went to lunch with Melissa & Aubree at Cici's while Jim was at his doctor's appointment. Spent the rest of the day with my boys, watched "The Wrestler"

Tue (Aug 11): Back at work at the bank....

And that was how I spent my "stay-cation".

Monday, July 27, 2009

Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince

July 15, 2009... a date I've been waiting for for a long time. Before July 15, 2009, the date I waited for was November 21, 2008. I waited for that date for almost a year when they decided to postpond it to July 15, 2009. So, I waited, and waited and waited...for July 15, 2009. A few weeks before that date, there were rumblings. I saw trailers for it on tv, ads in the magazine, people being interviewed. I was so excited for this date to come coz I waited for it for almost 2 years! To keep me occupied, I reread the books gazillion times that I can repeat it word for word. I did quizzes and trivias about it online. I've become pretty good at it that I am ranked 1712 out of 324671 on Facebook (I'm still trying to get to that #1 spot but the current holder has about a million points ahead of me..he he he). The anticipation was getting a little overwhelming, I drove Jim nuts!

It finally happened! Wednesday, July 15 finally came....and went. I wanted to be first in line for the midnight premier but alas, I had to work. Maybe it was a good thing that I didn't go that first few days coz the theater was packed! The movie racked in US$30.4 million on its first day. Can you imagine that? I can! But still I haven't gone to see it...I was still waiting...For what? I don' know...

Finally today, Monday, July 27, 2009...12 days after it premiered, I went to see "Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince". I got done with work at the dental office at 10am. Since Jim has an appointment at 11am that he didn't need me to go with him, I went online to see what time the movie starts at the theater near my work. There was one starting at 10:40am so I quickly locked up my desk and drove over to the theater. There was a few people in line in front of me but all of them were getting tickets for the movie "G Force" which opened last Friday. I asked the clerk if the theater is full and he said it's almost empty.

After I got my popcorn and soda, I walked over to theather #18 (there are a total of 24). There was only 2 other people in there and 2 others came in after me! I was so happy coz now I get to enjoy the movie without the distractions by other viewers, especially those pesky little kids he he he.

The movie was pretty good tho the book is obviously a lot better. I really like it but I have to say that I am bias when it comes to Harry Potter. Of course they have to cut out some parts of the movie. I had hoped that they will include Ron's eldest brother Bill in this movie coz his character in the book is quite interesting but alas, they didn't. I also thought that they could have made the scene of Dumblebore's death/funeral a little bit more intense coz that is the point that Harry realized he has to face Voldemort in the end and that he might die in the process.

Anyways, watch the movie if you can....

Monday, June 22, 2009

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Monday, June 8, 2009

To Tell or Not To Tell

We have a customer (lets call him "M") who comes into our branch about every other day. He is a little eccentric in term of his mannerisms and clothing. He is a compulsive "collector" as in he collects things especially our freebie markerting materials (eg pencils, notepads etc). He also never fails to fill his big travelling coffee mug with the coffee that we provide at the customer waiting area every time he comes into the branch. Being that Arizona is warm mostly throughout the year, he normally wears a t-shirt, "fisherman's" hat, bandanna tied around his neck and short shorts (& when I say short, it's SHORT!).

Anyways, like any other morning, M came into the branch to do a small withdrawal today. After running his transaction, I went back to reading the "Ink" magazine that my bank prints out for their employees. A few seconds later, my assistant manager came up to me and whispered, "Did you see M's short?"

I looked over to the coffee table where M is standing getting coffee, and lo & behold his ASS was there in all it's glory for everyone to see. I was in shock! His short shorts had ridden up that you can see his butt even when he's standing straight up. I was in delima coz I don't know if I should go over to him to let him know or just let it go. I can see the other customers waiting in line were giving him looks but as I was contemplating on whether to tell him or not, he was done filling his coffee cup and walked out the door.

If it were you, what would you have done? I am still not sure what I would do since I do not want to embarass him and either way seems like it would.

p/s The picture above is NOT of M!. This was just something I found on Google

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Goose Egg

The bank I work for closes at 6pm on Mondays - Fridays & 2pm on Saturdays. So, like any other Wednesday, we were closed at 6pm yesterday. After balancing my cash drawer and putting it in the vault, I ran to the restroom. There are 2 stalls in the restroom and I normally use the smaller stall instead of the larger handicapped one. The door of the smaller stall swings inward and I am so used to it. Anyways, someone was already in the smaller stall so instead of waiting, I decided to use the handicap one since I really needed to go...he he he.

Well, I wasn't thinking about the door when I pushed it inward to go into the stall. WHAM!! the door slammed shut on me and I ran right into it and hit my head on it. I was so intend on getting to the toilet that I forgot the door swing outwards. Luckily, I didn't hit my head too hard coz otherwise I would have gotten an enormous goose egg on my forehead! I felt so stupid and luckily whomever was in the smaller stall didn't outright laugh at me...LOL

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Week

This is how my week normally goes:

5-5:30am: Wake up, shower, make myself pretty, fill the boys' bowl with their breakfast.
6:00am-12:00pm: Work at the dental office.
Noon-5:00pm: Doctor's appointments for Jim or myself. If there is no appointments, then grocery shopping, laundry, clean the house.
6-7pm: Clean the boys' litter box, fill their bowl with their dinner, start making dinner.
6-6:30am: Wake up, take my shower, make myself pretty, fill the boys' bowl with their breakfast.
9am-6:15pm: Work at the bank.
7pm: Clean the litter box, fill their bowl with dinner, start making dinner.
5:30-6am: Wake up, shower, make myself pretty, fill the boys' bowl with their breakfast.
7:45am-6:15am: Work at the bank.
7pm: Clean the litter box, fill the boys' bowl with dinner, start making dinner.
5-5:30am: Wake up, shower, make myself pretty, fill the boys bowl with their breakfast.
6-8:45am: Work at the dental office.
9am-6:15pm: Work at the bank.
7pm: Clean the litter box, fill the boys' bowl with dinner, start making dinner.
6-6:30am: Wake up, shower, make myself pretty, fill the boys' bowl with breakfast.
9am-6:15pm: Work at the bank.
7pm: Clean the litter box, fill the boys' bowl with dinner, start making dinner.
7-7:30am: Wake up, shower, make myself pretty, fill the boys' bowl with breakfast.
8:45am-2:15pm: Work at the bank.
2:30-7pm: Grocery shopping, clean the house.
7pm: Clean the little box, fill the boys' bowl with dinner, start making dinner.
7am: Wake up, might take a shower, fill the boys' bowl with breakfast, might go back to bed.
Rest of day: Clean the house, laundry, cook etc.
Repeat this cycle every Monday...No wonder I am tired!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Food Poisoning

Monday was Memorial Day here so I had the day off for once since the bank and the dental office I work at are both closed. We were going to have a BBQ at my in laws but my mother in law wasn't feeling too good so we all decided to go to the the chinese buffet at the restaurant not far from their house instead. After lunch we went back to my in laws and watched the Chicago Cubs game on tv. We were there until about 8PM and when we left, I was feeling a little hungry so we stopped at the McDonald's on the way home. I ordered a McDouble and a couple of apple pies and devoured it as soon as we got home. After spending some time playing with my boys I fell asleep at about 11PM.

At about 2AM I woke up with a cramp in my tummy. At first I thought that maybe it's my normal monthly cramps but as I lay in bed, my tummy started to feel & get more and more bloated. Soon after I ran to the bathroom and threw up everything that I ate that day, the chinese food as well as McD. Sammy was so sweet that he came and sat beside me on the bathroom floor as I heaved over the toilet. He kept looking up at me with this expression that says, "Are you okay, Mummy?"

I thought that after that I would be okay but boy was I wrong. I kept threwing up for the rest of the night until about 6AM when I thought I don't have anything more to chuck. Since I am the only teller opening I knew I couldn't call in sick so I took my shower and left for work at 7:15AM. I was afraid that I was going to threw up at work, I didn't eat or drink anything except for water all day. I thought that I wasn't going to make it thru work but luckily I got off at 2:30PM... I went home and slept the rest of the day...

So, that was my little adventure with food poisoning....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Frost Nixon

We saw the movie "Frost Nixon" last night and really liked it. It was about the interview former president Richard Nixon (Frank Lagella) did with David Frost (Michael Sheen) after he resigned from the highest office in the US.

The movie mixed in actual footage of the interview and I thought it was very interesting. Of course, when the original interview happened in '77, I was quite young (6 yrs old to be exact) and did not have any interest to know about politics (not that I cared much now either). It was interesting to learn about the back story of the interview, how it came about and what David Frost go thru to get that interview aired. I do recommend you watch this movie....

Happy Birthday Aman

Happy birthday to my nephew Aman (Raja Irfan Asyraaf), who is celebrating his 9th today. Aunty Yin, Uncle Jim, Sammy & Tiger loves you very much!!!